The fifa world cup winners

It was the year 1930 when FIFA World Cup was introduced for the first time. Except
the two terms of 1942 and 1946, FIFA has been arranging this great event ever
since, keeping a four years gap from one World Cup to the other. Champions came
and champions changed, and so did the trophy itself, but what never changed is the
history made by each champion. For those who do not know much about the
champions, here is a list of all the winning nations.

Year Hosting Nation Winner

1930 Uruguay Uruguay
1934 Italy Italy
1938 France Italy
1942 No tournament due to World War II
1946 No tournament due to World War II
1950 Brazil Uruguay
1954 Switzerland West Germany
1958 Sweden Brazil
1962 Chile Brazil
1966 England England
1970 Mexico Brazil
1974 West Germany West Germany
1978 Argentina Argentina
1982 Spain Italy
1986 Mexico Argentina
1990 Italy West Germany
1994 United States Brazil
1998 France France
2002 Korea/ Japan Brazil2006 Germany Italy
2010 South Africa Spain


So, Brazil has won the title 5 times, and Italy comes second with 4, and Germany
with 3 times. These nations are leading the table for being most times champions
and are currently in great form for the upcoming World Cup. Being the 5 times
champion and winner of the Confederations Cup, and having a wonderful squad of
star players, Brazil is expected to win the FIFA World Cup 2014 in their very ground
by its people. But, after the Confederations Cup loss to Brazil, the defending
champion Spain is coming with new tactics to snatch the game from anybody’s
grasp. The consistently well playing Germans are also in the race. Italy, Portugal,
Argentina, England, and others are as strong as the rest and are all shaping
themselves up to win the FIFA World Cup 2014 trophy. The excitement is looming all
over the world as each and every football lover is waiting for the 12th of June, 2014.



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